Monday, June 28, 2010

Please Protest his Presence

The annual show involving a medieval-style parading of pieces of a corpse through the streets of Drogheda is scheduled for this coming Sunday, July 4th - read all about it on While I have to admit that I don't care in general what religious loonies get up to, I find this one particularly offensive. You'll notice the logo for "safeguarding children" positioned rather inappropriately next to the video clip of Seán Brady, who covered up for child rapists. This monster (and his spin doctors) all claim he did nothing wrong, conveniently ignoring the law that expressly forbids precisely what he did.

Why not arrest him and charge him? It's only a misdemeanor with a maximum of two years imprisonment, but I believe that would be a very nice start.

Anyway, if you go along on Sunday, remember to boo and heckle Brady. On the other hand, the procession is usually quite interesting as it's led by a group of oddly dressed individuals, who seem to only crawl out from under their rocks at this time of year. It's not often you see a bunch of green- and red-uniformed men (you didn't really expect women!) with feathered hats carrying pieces of a decomposed body through the streets.

If you can't make it on Sunday, you can always pop into St. Peter's Church for a peek at the saint's preserved head - medieval and ghoulish and great entertainment for kids.

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