Friday, April 30, 2010

Burqas Banned

So Belgium has taken the first steps to ban the burqa. This is a good first step: next the niqab has to go. The reality is that these have no place in any society or religion, and have been imposed simply as a means to subjugate women, something with which even Egypt's Grand Imaam agrees. He only requires women to wear the hijab, but I suppose controlling women and making decisions and decrees on their behalf is only to be expected from a leader of a religion based on the teachings of a pedophile. Let's take the next logical step and ban the hijab, chador, khimar, shayla, in fact any mandated clothing, since these forms of dress have a single purpose which has no relation whatsoever to paying respect to their god, but exist solely to control and isolate women.

However it's not only Islam that is at fault here. Most, if not all, religions have a special place for women, and it's certainly not among the leaders. Christians, and particularly Catholicism, that organization with a corporate policy of concealing child-rape, demand that women wear head gear/not show their legs/not wear trousers/etc depending on the circumstances. Hindus claim that the sari is the only appropriately modest form of dress for women, conveniently forgetting that this particular form of dress was worn topless until the Victorians imposed their concepts of modesty on Kerala in the late 19th century. It's a pattern that is repeated ad nauseum.

Isn't it incredible that an omnipotent being, who has to keep an eye on our entire universe and any other universes, has decided that one particular sex of one particular mammal on one particular planet in one particular galaxy, should wear funny clothes.

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