Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Catholic Church should be proscribed

Coincidentally, P.Z.Myers discussed the Catholic church's attitude towards child abuse today, while I'm still feeling angry about these monsters. On TV last night, there was an interview with the Irish bishops who came back from visiting their CEO in Rome with nary a sorry.

Under quite a lot of pressure from the unsurprisingly rather hostile journalists,  (including Patsy McGarry, and old friend from College days), one of them had the gall to suggest that we should stop criticising them for their cover-up. He even suggested that the abuse that might occur in the family somehow made their behavior less odious.

Unfortunately, this appears to be a new tactic of the Catholic church. The idea is that instead of being blamed for covering up, it's clear they want to deflect anger to their congregations, building on the old religious guilt trip. The bishop of Galway has decided that it's time his flock consider their collective guilt for the harm done to children. I would love to be able to say that the good people of Galway had the sense to denounce this disingenuous crap for what it is, but I fear the sheep will just swallow it all.

Anyway, back to the title: the Catholic church has been given opportunities again and again to allow it get its act together, and to work within the law (and I mean the civil and criminal law - the canon law has no place here!), and it has failed again and again. Its leaders have made only superficial attempts to try to prevent any repeat of the abuse, but have made huge strides in their plans to deflect criticism, to avoid monetary payouts and in general to protect their rear ends. This is not an organisation to be trusted with anyone's children; this is an organisation whose leaders should be charged as accessories to child rape. The time for treating cardinals as moral leaders is long gone: they should now be treated like their counterparts in the mafia. Don Corleone would have made a great pope, although he might not have fitted in well since he wasn't involved in child abuse.

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